Hello! My name is Vinay Débrou.

I’m an experimenting generalist on my path to building a location-independent free-agents (LIFA) worklife. Among other things, I help my clients with building digital systems using no-code/low-code tools, making sense of the data using data tools and heuristics, and figuring out the brand-strategy for a web-based venture. I’m 26 years old and I live in Dharamshala (a small Himalayan city in North India). You can find out more about me on my website and you can ping me on Twitter @vinaydebrou.

Note: A free-agent is anyone with significant autonomy over their work-life— ample choice of who to work with, when, how, and where from. Examples include a successful freelancer, an e-commerce business owner, a SaaS maker & an indie-artist.

About Daybrew's Note

I am writing a weekly note every Thursday for fellow location-independent free-agents (LIFAs) to share my journey as an experimenting generalist. It includes short essays I write, a list of cool things or tools I discovered, interesting projects I am working on, and questions I'm pondering upon.

The range of topics I touch vary but they loosely revolve around building & living a LIFA lifestyle —remote-work to small-communities, existential philosophy to biohacking culture, internet businesses to living spaces.

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A weekly note for fellow location-independent free agents (LIFAs) on cool things I learnt, tools I discovered, projects I am working on and questions I'm pondering upon.